Monday, 14 September 2015

Lightweight Strollers are Perfect for Living in the City

When my children were very young, we lived in a small apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The apartment was lovely; there were high ceilings, polished wood floors, and glass doors that opened onto a terrace with a green park bench and an ornate cast iron railing. The only thing lacking in our humble abode was space. My husband and I always had to be creative about how we utilized any available room.

There was one bedroom so I painted the wall that the trundle bed and crib hugged a warm muted sunflower yellow to signify that this part of the room was theirs. Opposite sides of the bedroom were decorated completely differently; one side for adults and one side for children.

We also had to be creative about storage. Necessities such as strollers were sometimes hard to store. Luckily, when my youngest was a toddler, I was able to downsize to just a Valco Baby lightweight stroller. The stroller was easily compacted and took up very little storage space. I kept it in the corner of our front hall closet, where it fit nicely.

I loved the lightweight stroller because it was so easy to handle. I could easily lift the stroller with my son in it without any assistance, and carry them up or down the stairs that led to our apartment building.

There are so many benefits to lightweight strollers. They are easy to maneuver, easy to store and easy to transport. And, with a Valco Baby stroller, I knew I was using a product with which I could entrust my children.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Graco Offers A Stroller for Any Occasion

I have always been a very active person, and after having my son, I wanted to maintain that lifestyle and find a way to include him in my morning exercise routine. I purchased a jogging stroller so that I could maximize my fitness during our morning strolls around the neighborhood.

 With my Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller, I can keep a fast walking or light jogging pace without jostling my son. Using the stroller provides me with an extensive workout since I am also exerting energy from pushing it. He also seems to enjoy the brisk clip. In fact, now he gets excited when he sees me readying the stroller; he knows it means that mommy and he are going to the park!

 Although the jogging stroller is ideal for our 8 am park excursions, it does not fare as well in other locations, which is why I also have a lightweight stroller. This baby stroller is perfect for running errands with my child in crowded stores or maneuvering through crowded Manhattan streets during rush hour. The stroller is also really easy to transport, so I may easily throw it in the trunk of the car when we go visit my parents in the suburbs.

Having different strollers allows me to both maintain my pre-child routine and incorporate my son into it. We are thus able to have “mommy and me” wherever we go.

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